Monday, January 13, 2014

Modern Log Cabin Quilt - Blues with Skewed Log Proportions

This quarter log cabin quilt was created as part of a University style class at The City Quilter in Manhattan, taught by Judy Doenias, one of my favorite teachers. 

I used square center pieces for the blocks, with wider cream "logs" and narrow blue "logs" which creates a sort of distortion if you will.  For the white portion, I used some lovely abstract Japanese fabric as well as some solid cream and white fabrics.  I had noticed this lovely visual effect in antique quilts when quilters used a variety of whites to creams out of necessity.  

I'm currently working on hand quilting circular patterns around the very linear blue sections.  My inspiration for the quilting came from this little symbol of Rockefeller center which I came across during my daily commute through that lovely building.