Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Modern String Quilt

Here is a string quilt work in progress (I'm actually finished with this, just a little behind in my blogging, full quilt photo to follow shortly).  This quilt is incredibly fun to make.  It's scrap friendly and making it in the manner that I do - each square as it's own little mini-quilt - allows you to create many tiny quilts in one.  My favorite part of the quilting process is designing a new quilt, picking out the colors and seeing them shine together.  This style of quilt allows that many times over. 

On the right hand side, I'm auditioning colors for additional blocks, seeing if they work well with the quilt thus far.  Basically though, my design process involved using fabrics and colors I loved, so they were bound to work well together.  This was a very free and easy process. 

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